Frequently asked questions

How does Backflip attach to my phone?

Backflip includes a high quality adhesive pad made by 3M which securely sticks to the back of your phone or phone case. If applied according to the instructions, your Backflip will stay attached for the life of your phone.

Can Backflip be removed?

While the adhesive is designed to be permanently attached, it can be removed from most surfaces without any damage. Any remaining adhesive on your phone or case can be removed with rubbing alcohol or commonly available adhesive removers. Be sure to check if the remover will damage the surface before use.

Can I use Backflip with a phone case?

Yes! Backflip will stick to most phone cases without adding too much bulk.

Can I use wireless charging with my Backflip?

Backflip is not compatible with most wireless chargers for two reasons:
1. Backflip includes a metal strip that impedes most inductive wireless charging.
2. Most wireless chargers require direct and close contact with the back of the phone. While Backflip adds less than 5mm of thickness, this can be enough to prevent wireless charging. Watch for a new version of Backflip that is compatible with wireless chargers, coming soon.

How do I install my Backflip?

1) Start by cleaning the surface where you will attach the Backflip. Your Backflip grip includes 2 cleaning pads. Start with Pad #1 which includes a cleaning solvent to remove oil or dirt. Next, use Pad #2 which is dry and will remove any remaining solvent. Let the surface dry. 2) Peel back the brown backing paper only about ½ inch (1.25 cm) from the top. Position the Backflip grip where you want to mount and line it up. Press at the top lightly where the adhesive is exposed. Check that the alignment is correct. If not, remove and reposition. 3) Press and flip up the Backflip flap so you can see the brown paper backing under the clear plastic panel. Gently peel back the brown paper without moving the Backflip grip and without pressing it all the way down. Do not press down the edges of the Backflip grip. 4) Press in the center of the clear plastic panel and work toward the outside edge. Make sure that there are no air bubbles visible under the clear plastic panel. 5) Finally, press the outside edges to make sure the Backflip grip is adhered securely. 6) Your Backflip grip is ready for use!


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